The Wokal Family

The Wokal family has some difficult lineage to track down. The first being the origin of the name Wokal. Some of my great Uncles and Aunts used the name Vokal their entire lives, even after arriving in America in 1908.
My current working theory is that the name was originally from a part or portion of Europe populated by Hungarians (or those that were used to the language).
When the Wokal's finally arrived in America, their name was spelled with a "V" but pronounced as "Wokal." In fact, the spelling of my Grandfather's name was changed from Vokal to Wokal while he was in elementary school. His older brothers and sisters, however, kept the original spelling.
My Grandfather's name was changed to more closely match the pronounciation of the name. Hungarians pronounce the "V" like a "W" - opposite of Germans. Germans pronounce the "W" like a "V". It doesn't make sense that the Vokal's came from Germany (at least not in recent history) or my Grandfather's name would have turned out to be Fokal. (Germans pronounce the "V" like an "F", ie. Volkswagon.)

Here are some of the names in the Wokal/Vokal lineage I am tracking down:
  • Antonin Vokal
  • Wenzel Polensky
  • Rosalie Hibl
  • Joseph Wandler
  • Andrew Schaeffer
  • Salma Nollbaum
  • Mathious Obritschkewitsch
  • Katherine Lannard
  • Marian Immel
  • Sebastian Fischer
  • Anna Mary Eberts